What's New
  • [2005-06-25] Version 0.9.5! Now the install will work with Thunderbird 1.5+ and regex matching works now
  • [0.9.3] Install works with Thunderbird 1.5 now
  • [2005-05-12] Finnaly I was able to upload version 0.9.2!
  • [0.9.2] Now we have support for French (fr-FR) and Dutch (nl-NL). With the help from Roel (Dutch) and Erwan (French)
  • [2005-01-09] Senderface moved to!

SenderFace - Thunderbird Extension

SenderFace 0.9.5, by Matti Pehrs, released on June 25, 2006

Quick Description

SenderFace enables you to associate images (faces) with Email senders (from field).

Requires: Thunderbird: 1.0+ Thunderbird

Extension Details

Future Plans

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The senderface project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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